Tomatina After Party tickets

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Buy now your tickets for the second assault at the Tomatina battle: the Tomatina after party

Come with us to a spectacular party which takes place during the whole Tomatina night: the best music and people from all the corners around the world in a unique atmosphere.

Come and join the Tomatina after party!

Tomatina After Party: music and party until dawn

Nobody can say that the Tomatina party is reduced to the tomato fight. Here we present a marathon of almost 10 hours of uninterrupted fun.

The most epic way to finish an unforgettable day. Jump to one of our free buses and join this macro fest: the best music from the hand of the most popular Dj’s of the moment, food and drinks during the whole night to recover energy and lots of fun!

August 28th, you have an appointment with the Tomatina After Party. Say goodbye to Tomatina 2019 in the best way!

Timing and meeting point

  • When: August 28th at 7:00 p.m.
  • Where: To be determined
  • Transportation: Free buses.

Tomatina After Party Ticket Price

If your excuse is the price… you may need to try something else. The best party this summer has a price of only 20€ and free buses!.

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Adult Ticket for Tomatina After Party 20€

Access to the night party after La Tomatina


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Jhon (Antarctica) 18/02/2020

Melisa (Australia) 18/02/2020

(Argentina) 18/02/2020

Jhon Van (Barbados) 18/02/2020

Toni (Armenia) 18/02/2020

(Bolivia) 18/02/2020

(American Samoa) 18/02/2020

(Australia) 18/02/2020

(Bosnia and Herzegovina) 18/02/2020

(Angola) 18/02/2020

Carolina (Anguilla) 18/02/2020

Rita (Armenia) 18/02/2020

Rita (Argentina) 18/02/2020

Melisa (Andorra) 18/02/2020

Ricardo (Netherlands Antilles) 18/02/2020

Rita (Burkina Faso) 18/02/2020

Russell (Antarctica) 18/02/2020

Toni (Anguilla) 18/02/2020

Carolina (Burundi) 18/02/2020

Natalie (Burundi) 18/02/2020

(Netherlands Antilles) 18/02/2020

Russell (Antigua and Barbuda) 18/02/2020

Rusell (American Samoa) 18/02/2020

Asunción (Benin) 18/02/2020

(Bangladesh) 18/02/2020

Russell (Aland Islands) 18/02/2020

Russell (United Arab Emirates) 18/02/2020

Jhon Van (Aland Islands) 18/02/2020

Rita (Bulgaria) 18/02/2020

Natalie (Antigua and Barbuda) 18/02/2020

Jhon Van (Argentina) 18/02/2020

Alfonso (Afghanistan) 18/02/2020

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