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Ticket entry Tomatina with stay in Camping

Buying this ticket you obtain a reservation for a trip to Buñol (Valencia) from Valencia, two-night accommodation and lots of extra activities with an organized and fun tour.

Leaving: The trip leaves Valencia on August 29th, 2023 from AVE JOAQUIN SOROLLA at 17:30 h 

Campsite: We arrive at the campsite around 18:20h where we will set up the tent, and at 19h the action begins! We´ll first have a barbecue party, at 21h we will go to the amazing and cultural water & wine festival in Requeña* where you already will get a taste of the festival yet to come. We party here all night with the locals and return with our buses to the campsite at 2h.

30th August: The day of the festival, 31th August, we get up at 6h and have a full breakfast. We leave at 7h for the festival La Tomatina (Buñol), where we spend a great memorable day throwing tomatoes like there is no tomorrow. After this huge spectacular food fight, we depart from Buñol to the campsite at 14:30h. In the evening we´ll have a typical Valencian Paella and after that, we´ll go into Valencia to go to the Tomatina After Party to dance all night long. Buses will return to the campsite from 3h.

31th August:  will start with a hot breakfast on the campsite and at 13h the buses return to the Meeting point.

Ticket includes

  • round trip
  • all transfers
  • two breakfasts
  • barbecue
  • official shirt la Tomatina
  • Staff on the bus

More Information

*Water and wine festival 29th (10€)

*Open Bar Beer, Wine and Sangria (€ 5 per day)


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EXIT 27 AUGUST 17:10h

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