Tomatina Bus from Valencia + Hotel tickets

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Enjoy La Tomatina Experience

La Tomatina is one of the most important festivals in Valencia. La Tomatina is held in the Valencian town of Buñol.

The number of participants increased year after year as well as the excitement about La Tomatina Festival, in fact, it was declared Festivity of International Tourist Interest in 2002.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this exciting festival! Welcome to La Tomatina!

La Tomatina Tickets with hotel accommodation in the city of Valencia

Buying this ticket you obtain a reservation for a trip to Buñol (Valencia) from Valencia in a package trip.

  • Departure from Valencia will be on the 30th August 2023 from the hotel at 7:30 (it depends on the traffic of the zone and itinerary of the bus).
  • The return trip to the hotel will be on the same date 30th August from Buñol (Valencia) at 14:30pm, by coach.
  • Schedules may vary depending on punctuality of the attendees and traffic.

Ticket includes  

  • Trip
  • Entry ticket to “La Tomatina” event
  • Travel insurance
  • A Tomatina T-shirt
  • Accompanying staff

Basic Information

  • Hotel 3*** Opposite City Arts and Sciences
  • Hotel 4**** Opposite City Arts and Sciences
  • Check-In: 29/08/23. Check out: 31/08/23. 2 nights. The stays are bed and breakfast basics.
***The hotel rooms are subjected to availability, in case of not being able to access the selected hotel, we will reserve the other one of the same conditions, always informing previously via email.
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HOTEL 3*** FROM 160€ (Price for person)

HOTEL 3***
EXIT 28th AUGUST 2024 - 7:00h
RETURN 28th AUGUST 2024 - 14:30h


HOTEL 4****FROM 180€ (Price for person)

HOTEL 4****
EXIT 28th AUGUST 2024 - 7:00h
RETURN 28th AUGUST 2024 - 14:30h


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Rusell (Burkina Faso) 18/02/2022

Russell (Bermuda) 18/02/2022

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Alfonso (Brunei Darussalam) 18/02/2022

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Toni (Burkina Faso) 18/02/2022

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Rusell (Antarctica) 18/02/2022

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Russell (Saint Barthelemy) 18/02/2022

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Russell (Bermuda) 18/02/2022

(Aruba) 18/02/2022

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Ricardo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 18/02/2022

Carolina (Bahrain) 18/02/2022

Melisa (United Arab Emirates) 18/02/2022

Rita (Angola) 18/02/2022

(Argentina) 18/02/2022

Russell (Angola) 18/02/2022

Ricardo (Afghanistan) 18/02/2022

(Brunei Darussalam) 18/02/2022

(Afghanistan) 18/02/2022

Leonardo (United States) 11/09/2017

Buena organizacion, dentro del caos de la fiesta. Repetimos

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