Tomatina 2024 tickets

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La Tomatina is the most international celebration in Spain and takes place in Buñol (Valencia, Spain) on the last Wednesday in August.

If you do not want to miss the best summer experience, get your Tomatina tickets now, in addition, you have accessories that will make this day so much more fun.

What is done in La Tomatina

The answer is not as obvious as it seems. La Tomatina is not just going to throw tomatoes, but it is a day full of activities that start at 9 in the morning with a small lunch courtesy of Buñol City Council.

At 10:00 the so-called "Palo Jabón" begins. A soaped stick that has a ham on top. Will there be someone who overcomes the soap challenge and gets the long-awaited prize?

If ham is an impossible mission,

You can take your frustrations out throwing tomatoes in the most expected event of the day. After, the “Palo Jabón”, at 12:00, approximately, the most international battle in the world begins: La Tomatina!

What does my ticket include?

According to the chosen option:

  • Entrance to the Tomatina
  • Accessories for the Battle
  • Paella and Sangría
  • Tomatina Party
  • Locker

Are you going to miss La Tomatina?

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Select your ticket

Tomatina 2024 Entry Ticket 15 €

This ticket only gives you access to the Tomatina.
Exchange this voucher for the official bracelet.


Tomatina 2024 Ticket + Accessories for the Battle 35€

Entrance to the Tomatina Battle and swimming goggles to protect the eyes.

From 35,00€

Tomatina 2024 Ticket + Locker + Party 30 €

Entrance to the Battle of La Tomatina and the right to use a locker to store your belongings.

From 35,00€

Tomatina 2024 Ticket + T-Shirt+ Tomatina Party 40€

Entrance to the Tomatina Battle, in additión you get a special T-Shirt, and you will access to the amazing later party


From 40,00€

Tomatina 2024 Ticket + Paella + Sangria + Tomatina Party 40€


This ticket entitles you can participate in La Tomatina and the subsequent party.
In addition, you will taste a dish of paella accompanied by sangria.

From 45,00€

Tomatina 2024 Ticket + T-Shirt+ Accessories for the Battle + Locker + Tomatina Party 45€

Entrance to the Tomatina Battle, in additión you get a special T-Shirt, and you will access to the amazing later party


From 45,00€

Adult Ticket for Tomatina After Party 2024 - 20€

Access to the night party after La Tomatina

From 20,00€

ONLY Locker Tomatina 2024
From 6,00€

Opinions (153)

Joyce (Netherlands) 19/09/2023

Last year I went with my sister and my partner and had the time of our life. This year we went with 17 friends and family and I’m sure that the group will be bigger next year because of our experiance . We laughed so much! Everybody had a great time!

Danesh (Guernsey) 08/09/2023

it was great

ANA MARIA (Spain) 07/09/2023

En general la experiencia es buena pero hay un poco de descontrol cuando llegas porque no había indicaciones con carteles de dónde empezaba o por dónde iba el recorrido, la paella muy buena

Maja (Serbia) 06/09/2023

Event was fun, Also, packing 15,000 tourists in two streets, and throwing tomatoes at them from the truck is not what I expected the tomato fight would look like. All pictures present La Tomatina as a tomato fight with freedom to run in the streets, while having loads of fun. That's false advertising! Instead, for the price of ticket, we get to be pushed to the wall and made to stay there until the end of the event.

Nidhiben (Latvia) 05/09/2023

Very fun, I would repeat every year

Shah (United Kingdom) 02/09/2023

While the overall experience was good as always, there needs to be some form of security to avoid potential dangerous situations from stampeding or people being crushed. All this was coming from large groups of Indians causing the problems, which has been happening for past few years. The very least can be done is limit those from that country.

Aleksandra (Russian Federation) 01/09/2023

I like it very much! So fun and exciting. Thank you!

MIGUEL ANGEL (Spain) 01/09/2023

Nos lo pasamos bien. Una fiesta divertida y multicultural. Un poco de frio con tanta agua pero se disfruta en general. Te desahogas a tomatazos y conces gente.

Terry 01/09/2023

Awesome event, we had a fantastic day. Post event facilities could do with some improvement. Queue for shower/hose down was longer than 45 minutes, and queue to collect bags was also greater than 45 minutes.

Anthony (United States) 01/09/2023

The event itself for throwing tomatoes was fun. However, if the amount of people going in isn't accounted for I think I'm a few years it will be impossible for trucks to pass through as they barely had a room with the crowd smashing against each other like the front of a Metallica concert. Some girls had panic attacks and couldn't breathe easily due to pressure from other people on them. I have some ideas on how to make things more organized if you want to hear them.

Narendra (India) 09/10/2019

Thanks for all

Ranjit (India) 28/09/2019

All perfect!

Wang (China) 26/09/2019


(India) 25/09/2019


(India) 22/09/2019

All ok

Jack (United Kingdom) 22/09/2019


David (Spain) 22/09/2019

Muy buena organización y una fiesta alucinante

Jack (Hungary) 22/09/2019

Wow, very good organization of the festival

Kiran (India) 22/09/2019


John (Australia) 22/09/2019


Asunción (Spain) 21/09/2019

Nunca habia visto algo igual, ustedes son lo mejor

Natsuki (Japan) 21/09/2019


Norak (Belgium) 21/09/2019


Johan (Norway) 21/09/2019


(United Kingdom) 20/09/2019

Viva España..

David (Spain) 20/09/2019

muy buena organización, me lo pasé genial

Carla (Spain) 20/09/2019


Otokar (Czech Republic) 20/09/2019


Arya (India) 19/09/2019


Brahma (India) 18/09/2019

I love tomatina

Mole (Ireland) 18/09/2019


(Colombia) 16/09/2019

La mejor batalla del mundo!! repetiremos sin duda

Arundhati (India) 15/09/2019

बहुत अच्छा संगठन!

Megan (United States) 15/09/2019

Good festival in a good country

Jayden (United States) 15/09/2019

The best party in Spain

John (United Kingdom) 15/09/2019

Long queues but all good

Benno (Germany) 15/09/2019


Akihiko (Japan) 15/09/2019


Chang (China) 15/09/2019


Qiang (China) 15/09/2019


Juan (Spain) 15/09/2019

Todo perfecto, me encantó la tomatina

Maria José (Spain) 15/09/2019


AGATHE (France) 15/09/2019

J'adore la tomatina et l'Espagne

Relay (Saint Barthelemy) 15/09/2019


Jia li (China) 15/09/2019


Vishnu (India) 14/09/2019

5 stars!

Jack (United States) 14/09/2019

I love it!

Rebeca (Spain) 14/09/2019

Muy buen festival y muy buena organización

Anand (India) 14/09/2019

It was amazing

Jaidev (India) 14/09/2019


Natalie (Italy) 14/09/2019

Valencia is fantastic!

Luciana (Colombia) 14/09/2019

Me lo pasé fantástico, todo muy bien organizado

Victoria (United Kingdom) 14/09/2019


Jerry (Switzerland) 14/09/2019


Pedro (Spain) 14/09/2019

Muy buena organización, todo perfecto

Qiang (China) 14/09/2019


Morek (Belgium) 13/09/2019


Sarah (France) 13/09/2019

Funny festival in Valencia

Yang (China) 13/09/2019


Diana (Argentina) 13/09/2019

Evento super divertido, me encantó!

Katerina (Russian Federation) 13/09/2019

организация была очень хорошей, повторюсь

Giuseppe (Italy) 13/09/2019


Ashley (Australia) 13/09/2019

I hope to return to Spain soon to go to Tomatina

Huang (China) 13/09/2019


Hari (India) 13/09/2019


Lucy (United Kingdom) 13/09/2019

Best experience ever

(Ukraine) 12/09/2019

The best xperience!

Felice (Brazil) 12/09/2019


Viriar (Albania) 12/09/2019


Valentina (Colombia) 12/09/2019

Me lo pasé estupendo, muchas gracias

Garek (Georgia) 12/09/2019


Mike (Australia) 12/09/2019


Osrah (Canada) 11/09/2019


Sara (Spain) 11/09/2019

Habían colas para las taquillas pero por lo demás todo perfecto

Mei Ling (China) 11/09/2019


Doru (Bulgaria) 11/09/2019

El mejor del mundo mundial

(Argentina) 10/09/2019

La pasamos rebien, gracias

Fenroy (Brunei Darussalam) 10/09/2019


Esmela (Finland) 10/09/2019


Manfred (Netherlands) 10/09/2019


Jhon (United States) 09/09/2019


Josek (Australia) 09/09/2019


Gao (China) 08/09/2019

All fantastic

Denali (India) 08/09/2019


Wang (China) 08/09/2019


Lucía (Spain) 08/09/2019


Guadalupe (Mexico) 08/09/2019

Me encantó, espero volver a España y poder repetir

Mateo (Chile) 08/09/2019

Adoro la tomatina y adoro España, país fantástico

Clara (Spain) 08/09/2019

Festival muy divertido, recomiendo ir sin duda

Valentina (Argentina) 08/09/2019

Me lo pasé muy bien, espero repetir pronto!

Madhur (India) 08/09/2019

सब अच्छा है

Mariana (Colombia) 08/09/2019

Es un gran festival, cuando pueda repetiré

Tim (Netherlands) 08/09/2019

Mas tomato porfavor

Ruud (Netherlands) 08/09/2019

I love it, amazing

Oscar (Chile) 08/09/2019


Sara (Spain) 08/09/2019

Todo muy bien, enhorabuena

Edwin (Ecuador) 07/09/2019

El tomate un poco arenoso

Juanjo (Spain) 07/09/2019


Dan (Netherlands) 07/09/2019

I hope I can return to Tomatina soon!

José (Colombia) 07/09/2019

Muy buena organización, enhorabuena

Gabok (United Kingdom) 07/09/2019


Aron (Australia) 07/09/2019


Alf (Canada) 07/09/2019


Alisha (India) 06/09/2019

सब कुछ सही, बधाई

Dina (Australia) 06/09/2019


Akina (Japan) 06/09/2019


Anand (India) 06/09/2019


Albert (Switzerland) 06/09/2019


Mary (Canada) 06/09/2019


Plath (Austria) 06/09/2019


Nahali (India) 06/09/2019

Wow, amazing

Toni (Spain) 05/09/2019


Marine (Brazil) 05/09/2019


Gerrit (Netherlands) 05/09/2019

All ok

Melan (Canada) 05/09/2019


Maylin (China) 05/09/2019


Betty (Denmark) 05/09/2019

Wow! I really enjoyed this festival

Azami (Japan) 05/09/2019


Matías (Germany) 05/09/2019

The best tomatina festival

Misaki (Japan) 05/09/2019


Kayor (Bangladesh) 05/09/2019


Lola (Argentina) 05/09/2019


Paulo (Brazil) 05/09/2019


Lilian (Austria) 04/09/2019


kathy (Austria) 04/09/2019

Best festival in the world

Abey (United States) 04/09/2019

Amazing! :)

Alfonso (Spain) 04/09/2019

Muy buena organización, el año que viene repito seguro :)

Julia (Australia) 04/09/2019


Liam (United Kingdom) 03/09/2019

Perfect festival in Spain!

Anastasia (Russian Federation) 03/09/2019


Cynthia (Chile) 03/09/2019

Festival super divertido, lo recomiendo!

Lucy (Finland) 03/09/2019

Everything was very well organized, I love it

Lucía (Spain) 03/09/2019


Tobi (Netherlands Antilles) 03/09/2019


Mai (Australia) 03/09/2019


Jaidev (India) 02/09/2019

यह त्योहार वास्तव में मजेदार है

Estefanía (Spain) 02/09/2019

Todo fue perfecto, muy buena organización

Chloe (United States) 02/09/2019

Amazing festival!

Ranjit (India) 01/09/2019

मुझे इस त्योहार से प्यार है

Madhur (India) 01/09/2019

बहुत अच्छा संगठन, यह सब बहुत अच्छा था

Ranjit (India) 01/09/2019


Peter (Poland) 30/08/2019

Soooooo funny!

Aiko (Japan) 29/08/2019


Max (Germany) 29/08/2019

I love Tomatina <3

Devdan (India) 23/08/2019

I love your country!

RAUL 08/09/2018

SERGEY (India) 08/09/2018


Jeff Gagan 07/09/2018

Fue una experiencia maravillosa, volveré el año siguiente con más gente!

James 07/09/2018

Great fun. Too many lines. But overall a great experience!

Rucha 07/09/2018

There were lots of people but we enjoyed the experience

Andres Miguel 07/09/2018

Nos encanto la experiencia y repetimos!!!

Emma 07/09/2018

بونٹو ڈیا

Angela 07/09/2018


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