Tomatina, bus from Madrid

By Buying this ticket you obtain a reservation for a trip to Buñol (Valencia) from Madrid in a package trip.

Ticket for Tomatina with bus from Madrid

The departure from Madrid will be on the 28th August 2019 from Estación de Atocha (Bar El Brillante) at 4:30 am, the return trip will be on the same date 28th August from Buñol (Valencia) at 14:30 pm, by coach.

  • Schedules may vary depending on punctuality of the attendees and traffic.


The ticket includes a return trip, entry ticket to “La Tomatina” event, travel insurance, a Tomatina T-shirt and our accompanying staff. Optional we will serve a dish of Valencian Paella and drink.

You can leave your bag whit your personal belongings on the bus, when the Tomatina is finished, after the shower, you can change your clothes. Showers are managed by the Buñol City Council, be respectful with them, please.

*Please, remember to bring a photocopy of your passport



Chia An ()   07/09/2018
Tenía la memoria maravillosa, muchas gracias!!!

Rushant ()   07/09/2018

David (Brazil)   03/10/2017
Buena organizaciòn. El Ayuntamiento puso a disposiciòn de los 22.000 asistentes y que, claro, a la hora y poco de comenzar a lavar a las personas, se acabò. Una vecina de la calle de al lado se puso a hacer lo mismo(tambien con agua fria...y estaba nublado y a 19 grados) cobrando un euro y como no nos ibamos a volver sucios como estàbamos a Madrid, acabamos pagando. Mi evaluacion en buena

Notley Matthew (Japan)   24/09/2017
Buena organización. Las duchas un poco alejadas. Se decía que haría falta mostrar el pasaporte, y fuimos con ellos en la mano, pero al final no...la fiesta nos gusto mucho

Laura (Australia)   05/09/2017
Slightly unorganised at pick up about which bus to get on and also shirt distribution, with only small sizes left. Also where were the showers? We had to pay for one. Our driver was very erratic and my sister ended up with bus sickness. The tomato event itself was good fun and we are glad we were able to experience it

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