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Enjoy La Tomatina Experience

La Tomatina is one of the most important festivals in Valencia. La Tomatina is held in the Valencian town of Buñol.

The number of participants increased year after year as well as the excitement about La Tomatina Festival, in fact, it was declared Festivity of International Tourist Interest in 2002.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this exciting festival! Welcome to La Tomatina!

La Tomatina Tickets with Bus from Valencia

Buying this ticket you obtain a reservation for a trip to Buñol (Valencia) from Valencia in a package trip.

  • Departure from Valencia will be on the 26th August 2020 from el Mc Donald's of ESTACION AVE DE JOAQUIN SOROLLA Calle San Vicente Martir 171 (Valencia) 46007 at 6:30 am, 7:00 am and 7:30 am.
  • The return trip will be on the same date 26th August from Buñol (Valencia) at 14:30 pm, by coach.
  • Schedules may vary depending on punctuality of the attendees and traffic.

Ticket includes

  • Return trip
  • Entry ticket to “La Tomatina” event
  • Travel insurance
  • A Tomatina T-shirt
  • Staff on the bus
  • Optionally we will serve a dish of Valencian Paella with a drink at 13:00.

Whit this travel package, you can leave your bag whit your personal belongings on the bus, when the Tomatina is finished, after the shower, you can change your clothes.

*Showers are managed by Buñol City Council, please be respectful with them.

*Remember to bring a photocopy of your passport.



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EXIT 26th AUGUST 6:30h
RETURN 26th AUGUST 14:30h

From 55,00€


EXIT 26th AUGUST 7:00h
RETURN 26th AUGUST 14:30h

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EXIT 26th AUGUST 7:30h
RETURN 26th AUGUST 14:30h

From 55,00€

Opinions (34)

Dirk 11/09/2019

Amazing experience

Filip 08/09/2018

Thiago 07/09/2018

RAGHAV BAJAJ 07/09/2018

it was an ultimate experience, but there was some miss-management with the locker facility, need to be improved for the next time.

Mohan 07/09/2018

The service overall is very good and the only thing which worried us is showers.If this was told clearly where is the good place to take showers after tomatino it would be lot helpful for the tourists.

Sandy 07/09/2018

Amit 07/09/2018

Rhiannon 07/09/2018

- The people throwing tomatoes from the vans were NOT squashing before throwing and on occasion were purposefully throwing them really hard - The buses and transport was organised really well but none of the official guides seemed to know what was going on once we arrived - a lot of waiting around for them to figure things out. - A group of girls from Brunol took a disliking to any tourists, became very spiteful even before the tomatoes were released, and then were using the tomato throwing as an opportunity to basically beat tourists. I'm glad I attended La Tomatina as it was on my bucket list of things to do but I would never do it again as certain aspects of the event took the fun out of it.

Todor 07/09/2018


Katie 07/09/2018

La Tomatina fue una experiencia genial

Belinda 07/09/2018

What a fun experience. Thanks tomatina

Katie 07/09/2018

very nice people and a lovely town

Carolyn (United States) 02/10/2017

muchoooo tomate

ALEKSANDRA (Russian Federation) 14/09/2017


Avinash (Netherlands) 13/09/2017

Thoroughly enjoyed the event but a lot of my friends lost their personal valuables and getting a shower was really difficult.

Danny (United States) 13/09/2017

La experiencia de la tomatina es muy buena. El problema fue que los autobuses estaba un poco mal organizado pero después todo bien y divertido.

Katrina (Netherlands Antilles) 11/09/2017


Carolyn (United States) 09/09/2017

Jassiel (Puerto Rico) 09/09/2017

Lo pasamo en grande

Evgeniia (Russian Federation) 08/09/2017

Thanks, we enjoy

Alyssa (United States) 07/09/2017

Pedro (Portugal) 07/09/2017

Eu fui com a minha namorada e gostámos muito, também gostava de dizer que se tivesse musica seria espetacular.

Richard (United Kingdom) 07/09/2017

The best organised event i have ever been to in the world.

GIZEM (Turkey) 06/09/2017

this fest was my dream for many years, and now it happened,, and i was very i want to participate again, every next next yearrrr...... thank you for this magis fest ;) gracias

CHIE (Japan) 06/09/2017

kaivan (United Arab Emirates) 06/09/2017

it was very exciting and wonder full experience.. full of joy and happiness.. we will come again

Abdul (Pakistan) 06/09/2017

It was a very unique and pleasing experience.

Johanna Catharina Maria (Netherlands) 06/09/2017

Dimitar (Bulgaria) 06/09/2017

Deberia de ser una vez al mes

Vishal (United Kingdom) 05/09/2017

Amazing experience, thank you

Andrii (Ukraine) 05/09/2017

it was a fantastic experience, Tomatina is the best party!!

NIHIT (United Kingdom) 05/09/2017

Departure was not organized properly but in the end the party was amazing!!..

Rustam (Russian Federation) 05/09/2017

Thanks we enjoy

Julie (United Kingdom) 05/09/2017

I enjoyed my tomatina experience. The experience itself was amazing but it's necessary to improve the service (staff, guides, etc).

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